Lack of interest Improvements in the UI: the buttons/icons: lightbox icon


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I agree with some of the sentiments/feedback that has been given here:

With the Xenforo forum product everything is completely clear from the first time you start to use the product. It has a truly outstanding UI (and therfore UX), compared to other forum products on the market.

One can see that the XFMG is a separately developed product, since in some parts one misses the consistency with the (again: outstanding) UI of the main forum product. I assume overtime this will be fixed, now the XFMG is an official product that needs to fit in with the overal UI experience.

One of these things is this: the lightbox icon.

Photo 22-11-14 23 33 08 - v2.png

Here you see it presented in the XFMG to the enduser as an [Image] icon: clicking on it actually opens a lightbox instead of an [Image] insert dialogue, which you expect seeing such a button.

We expect this, partly because the main XF forum product uses almost the exact same icon for exactly that purpose. As you can see here in the editor:

22-11-2014 23-44-03 - v2.png

Bottom line: for consistency reasons and making the (already quite convultated) XFMG interface a bit less confusing the suggestion would be to change this icon in the XFMG interface.


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To add to the above, I would like to share this:

displaying individual media - confusing image button used twice.png

As the screenshot says: 2 exact similar buttons on the same screen having a totally different function. Obviously, this is a no-go for UI/UX reasons.

I assume (did not use the MG before as a standalone product) this is because this product was added to XF later and therefor we see these inconsistencies?