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I tried moving my VB board tonight, with some issues.

I am moving on the same server if this makes a difference.

When you get to the configure Importer section it asks for the Attachments Directory.

I put in the full path that I thought it was to my images which is


It said - The attachments directory could not be found. ???

I contacted my hosts and they suggested removing the "forumattachments" section as this seemed to make it work ?? So the new path was -


I did this and the importer started.

All the while this seemed wrong to me as it was now just looking in the root and wouldn't know which folder the images were in.

Posts etc. went in fine - I did have an issue with moderators as it threw a duplication error ?? this is OK I can add mods back in later.

The problem was when we got to images, bearing in mind it took 4 hours to move posts etc. When it got to images it rushed through in 5 mins and then reported "No Images Moved" or something to that effect, I couldn't read properly due to the tears in my eyes :(

My images are in a folder called "forumattachments" on the root of the domain ??

Is it easier to go to my VB forum and move the images into the DB ?

My questions are -

1. Why is the path to my images folder not recognised ?

2. What is the correct path to my images folder ? - I have tried almost every permutation of that path I posted earlier.

3. The most important - Do I have to start a fresh or can I re-run the attachments importer to try and move the images over ?
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You need to start fresh. This will involve reinstalling XenForo or reverting to a pre-import backup.

That error means the folder doesn't exist, so it generally indicates that the path was incorrect. Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to tell you the path on your server as it's specific to your setup. Moving the attachments back to the DB would be one way to workaround it.

Regarding the moderator error, I believe I saw this once before and it was down to 2 moderators being merged together (same username or email). Before importing, I'd recommend removing the moderator setting from one of those users.


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I did take a backup of the DB prior to import. If I moved all images to the DB they I assume that request for the file path would not be there ?

The mod thing is no big deal - I can assign mods again once we are up and running.

I have deffo used the right path as I looked in vb php and found the correct path name then added the images folder name.

very very odd