MG 1.1 Importing from remote machine

Ron Natalie

New member
I'm in the middle of converting a rather heavily modified vB site to xF. We have all our images in PhotoPost. Now XMG "claims" to import PhotoPost but after a day of running, it results in a lot of categories loaded up but no images. Obviously, on examination the problem is that while it can suck the information from the database as configured in the import screen, it doesn't have access to the actual image files (residing on the server), which it just silently fails to do anything with.

Now with the main xF import it allows you to specify the directories certain things live in (custom avatars and attach) so that it can import them. xMG appears not to have that option. Dumping out one variable that appears to indicate where this should be shows it is unset. Before I go digging through the code on this, is there some default location it expects to find the files? Like is it in the same path the other server had them?

Any clues?\

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Like is it in the same path the other server had them?
Yes. Specifically it's whatever path is configured in the varname datafull in the settings table. You could either update that value in the PhotoPost database or move the files to the same folder on the target server.