XF 1.3 Importing from 1.1 to 1.3 - two different servers/databases

Is it possible to do a clean import of users/threads/topics and other forum data into a clean install of 1.3 on another server?

I tried connecting and doing an import using the tool, but since the older site is on 1.1 and can't be upgraded to 1.2 (because of server permissions) it doesn't work.

Can I just do a database dump, and import the tables I need?

Has anyone done this before? Or maybe point me to a thread relevant to this question :) I'm new here :D
Because we don't have access to the server on that level. We're moving to a new server because of that. It's a bunch of drama I don't want to get into here... :) I was hoping someone could help in this process of doing it manually via the access we do have through the database. All we really need is user and forum thread content. It's going into a completely clean install.

Chris D

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The problem is there is a lot of tables.

Threads for example.

There's the thread table, then the post table, then there's forums and the nodes those forums are in, and the categories. Then there's the additional data like the attachments attached to those posts and then there's the likes. Even all of this stuff isn't necessarily in a single table each.

You seemed to suggest a MySQL dump was possible. If it is, I recommend getting that dump of the entire database, import it into a new database where you do have access, upgrade that to XenForo 1.2 and then if you still need to, do a XF to XF import.