Lack of interest Importer Improvement: stepValidation option


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When creating steps for an importer, you have the following items in the options:
- title
- depends

I think it would be beneficial to have the option to include a third option of "stepValidation" so that we can define a call back within the importer class to do a more advanced verification of step availability.
My theory for this is that I'm working on an importer, and want to support importing of custom BBCodes, but I don't want to have the option available unless BBCM is installed. If I had this third option, I could create a _validateBBCMInstalled() function that returns true or false on whether or not the system should be available or not.

As a side note: Here's how I accomplished it without this:
$steps['bbcodes'] = array('title' => 'Import Custom BBCodes');
Worked like a charm.