Duplicate We finally want to get rid of WoltLab! Please deliver an importer!


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many former enthusiastic Burning Board users play with the idea of switching to XenForo,
because WoltLab neglects the software more and more and also the (plugin) community around WoltLab continues to shrink!

Unfortunately, we are caught in the software. It is distributed mostly in the German area and does not allow a change to other software due to the lack of available importers. In most cases we are referred to an import via myBB, but this very insufficient, because many posts are lost and the passwords are not taken directly. So this is not an option at all.

So I and other owners are willing to pay for a working importer in order to switch to XenForo.

I hope to have made a first push with this post! Maybe developers or even the XenForo team itself will think about that.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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You might want to put out some feelers in the "Third-party services & offers" node/board and see if anyone bites.