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XF 1.2 Import XF 1.2.3 into XF 1.2.3


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over a year ago, I imported many vb 3.8x forums into one single xenforo forum successfully. This is now forum "A".

At the same time, I imported another one single vb 3.8x forum into one single xf forum. Also successfully. This is the XF forum "B".

In the meantime I upgraded both xf forums to version 1.2.3.

Now I want to import today the XF forum "B" into XF forum "A". So A is the master forum, which will stay. After the import, "B" will no longer exist as a stand alone forum.

Since many imports have been made with these forums, do I have to pay attention to specific issues before starting the import? Also for the redirects etc.?

It could be, that some users are registered in both forums. Sometimes with the same name and/or email address, sometimes with different email address or same email address but different username.



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Importing is straightforward.

You won't be able to retain IDs though and for any duplicate users you will be prompted what to do - merge or rename.

Any duplicates with different details can be merged after the import.

Redirects will have to be set up to redirect existing indexed links from forum B to forum A.


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Thanks for the quick reply.

Redirects will have to be set up to redirect existing indexed links from forum B to forum A.
I have already redirects from the original vb forum which was imported into XF forum "B".

Do I need then to have 2 different redirects?

1. Change redirect 1 from the original vb to forum "B" into a redierct to forum "A"

2. New redirect of forum "B" to forum "A" for all new postings in forum B after the switch from vb to XF

What is the code exactly for those 2 redirects then and where to put it on the server?



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All you need to do is use XF "A" to import your XF "B" forum and then the import is finished.

Now, as for redirects, I'd only redirect the "B" forum with a 301 redirect. If you have namecheap for example, this is field fill-in, and drop-down toggle.

It sounds like you already gone through the process of "migrating" all of your sites into A, and left it there for a while, so that's why I am only suggesting to redirect "B" to the new main forum.