XF 1.5 Import phpbb3 -> XF 1.5 -> XF2 latest


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I imported a phpbb 3.0 forum into a fresh and empty XF 1.524 installation successfully.

Now I want to import this XF 1.5 forum into an already existing XF 2.2 forum, which has already users and content.

The question is, what is the best way to do this?

a) First upgrade the XF 1.5 to XF 2 latest and then do the import into the other XF 2.2 forum?

b) Import immediately the XF 1.5 into the existing XF 2.2 forum?

Any pros and cons?

Nicolas FR

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I guess you could move these posts a bit off topic but for example what happens to user ID 1 named George from database 1 and user ID 1 named Jack from database 2? And all the content associated with them?


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XF1 can't be imported into XF2.

Upgrade the XF1 instance to XF2 then import it.

Thank you, I did that now successfully.

I am now in the process of importing XF2.29 (phpBB import) into my already existing XF2.29 installation.

I installed the newest importer script and have to enter now directories into the fields. But I do not understand the last two fields. What do I have to type in there? See screenshots



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Whatever the paths are for those two directories for the phpbb imported XF2 source forum.

The importer needs to read from them to import attachments, avatars, etc.