Import vBCMS Articles into xF Resource Manager?


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I've tried out the RM and I really like it. I can definitely tweak it to provide the same functionality we currently use vBCMS for. Is there currently an importer, so I can bring over my CMS Articles? We have almost 100 articles, and I'd rather not add each one manually, if possible.

One other question - many of our articles have 3,000+ "Likes" on Facebook. I know FB likes are tied to the URL. Will all of these go away if we end up choosing to make the jump to xF? :( That might be a dealbreaker if there's no way to rewrite the URLs.


Edit: I just came across Brogan's thread here, which specifies there are no importers:

Is it hard to write one manually? If so, are there any resources that might help me do this?


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You would need to have an importer custom developed. How hard they are to write is very dependent on the concepts used in each system.

As for the likes, you would lose the count unless the URL is identical, which is unlikely to be possible. You could still redirect the old URL to the new one but that doesn't help the count.