XF Resource Manager sale questions



I am looking at XF Resource Manager @ $60 and would like to know the following

1. Can I use this to sell for money and free modifications I make?

2. Can is the Resource Manager the same as the Resources tab on this forum, or is that a different mod, if so what is it?

3. What payment methods can I set up, when selling?

4. Can it be set, so I can sell only my mods and not allow members to sell theres?


XenForo developer
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The Resource Manager does not handle payments internally. It essentially just allows listings and local (free) downloads. Any purchases would be done externally.

You can permission control resources to only allow you to add listings in certain categories, for example. Similarly, you could use permissions to limit downloads on a per category basis, but you can't control this on a per resource basis.

The Resources section you see here is using the RM.