Pre-sale Questions


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I'm looking to ditch vb5. My forum has been running since about 2003 and has 300k attachments. I'm currently testing your demo and really like what I see. You have many of the things I need already that vb can't seem to manage.

Now my questions:

1) You like vb do not have any way that I can see to stop duplicate image / attachment uploads. I'm not talking about globally but in a single topic. Here is a link to my test on your forum. You will see that I was able to add the same image to a post and the same images again to the thread in a new post. My preference would be to quietly skip the duplicate image / attachment on a per thread basis.

2) Is it possible in the Forum statistics too add “Attachments / Downloads” totals?

3) Is your user upgrade system stackable? We have a yearly base membership, then the user has a couple upgrade options.

4) How do you handle subscriptions "PayPal" from the imported site? I don't want interruptions or loss of subs from vb.

5) Can I remove the file name what viewing thumbnails?

6) Can permissions be set to allow viewing of thumbs but not the attachment by user group?

7) Will I be able to import? If albums, articles, blogs, if they went to a node that would be fine.
1) user albums
2) articles
3) blogs
4) likes
5) attachments 300k

8) We have a legacy member site "Apache auth basic" that uses the forum usertable for username, salt, group, password. What hash do you use on passwords and are they stored in the table?

9) I see that you have an option to set the Lightbox to a single post or the whole thread. NICE!!! But now we have some threads that may have 30 posts with 10 to 50 images per. I have found that when a user opens one of those threads typically not all thumbs will load. The way I get around it now is to limit how many posts in a thread show before they need to use pagination. Do you have another possible solution?

10) Lastly I don't mind spending the money to buy your product as long as I have a money back guarantee that I can import my data and attachments. is that possible?

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1. There is nothing built in to prevent that.

2. That would require custom development.

3. No, upgrades cannot be stacked. There may be a third party add-on for it - you can search here:

4. Recurring subscriptions are not carried over. Members would need to set them up again.

5. I don't understand the question.

6. Yes, but it would apply to all attachments, not just images.

7. Yes, although albums would require the options XFMG add-on.

8. Bcrypt is the default with an option to use Argon2i in PHP 7.3+ - stored in the DB.

9. I would recommend testing it in the test forum here to see how it performs.

10. We have a reasonable refund policy so a refund would be possible if you decide that XF doesn't work for you.


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3) Here is my problem. We have structured membership system
Registered "Bronze" they have limited access to age forums
Gold they have access to most forums (yearly)
Platinum they have access to all forums (monthly, yearly)

When a user expires from say our top group do they revert to their previous group or to the base registered group?


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User groups and promotions are different in XF compared to VB.

Every member is in the Registered user group by default.

They are added to other user groups by promotions (criteria can be defined), or purchased upgrades.

Once they no longer meet the criteria or the upgrade expires, they are removed from the group they were promoted into.
Other user groups they may be members of are not affected.