import photopost pictures

I've just bought media gallery, I have all the pictures from my old photopost and the old database, but I can't import the pictures over, any help would be appreciated

Chris D

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Happy to help, but I'll need some more information before I can do so.

Why "can't" you import the pictures? Is there a particular error message? Or something else?
I think the first problem is I'm not sure which import to use, I've tried XFMG: Import From Photopost - vBGallery for vBulletin

I get things like no prefix, or The table prefix or database name is not correct.
I tried that one, it asks for the details of the photopost db, which I have, but also the VB db which I haven't had for a couple of years since I moved to XF


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So, this is a standalone PhotoPost installation?
Where is the user data stored? If the user data has been transferred to XF, I would try the "Photopost - XenForo" importer.
I had already tried that one but it didn't work, in the prefix box I put pp and not pp_ thanks for your help

Just one other thing, it's gone through the import but all I have is empty albums, any ideas?

Chris D

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That would normally suggest it can't find where your pictures are stored.

It reads the path from the settings table. Running this query will tell you where it is looking:
SELECT setting FROM pp_settings WHERE varname = 'datafull'
You could either make sure that the Photopost files are in that location on the XF server, or change that value in the database to look at where the files are stored now.

If you want to do the latter, you could update that value with a query:

UPDATE pp_settings SET setting = 'path/to/files' WHERE varname = 'datafull'
Or, of course, if your PP install is still active, just change it from the Photopost admin interface.

Chris D

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If you've had to try two different paths, then are you certain you've got the correct path?

Another possible cause is if the users who uploaded them in vBulletin, can't be found in XenForo.

After you imported from vBulletin to XenForo you had to specify the name for your archived import log. The Photopost import configuration should ask you for this. Are you sure you have entered the correct log name?

Chris D

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Do the users in PhotoPost have the same user IDs as the users in XenForo?

At this point t might be easier if I just have a look.

If you submit a ticket from your customer area with login details for your Admin CP, Photopost install, FTP and PHP My Admin I will investigate further.