XF 2.2 Different sizes of pictures in the text.


Hello, does anybody know, what and where I can override the "using custom CSS".
The support told me, that I have to do this for a solution of my problem.

My problem is, that before the last update of the media gallery add on, the size of the embedded pictures was not depending on the way of embedding.
My former webadmin had changed something in the past, that the media gallery ebedded pictures appeared in the same size as they were as an attached file. But unfortunately he was the unprofessionalst webadmin, you can find. So I cannot ask him anymore.

Now, the pictures of the media gallery appear much swmaller than the attached ones.

Where can I change the size of the media gallery embedded pictures to the bigger size of the attached files.

I show you one picture, which shows the problem.
It is one and the same picture, but it appears in two different sizes depending on the way of embedding.

As the support told me, there is no option in the settings to change this.

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