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Import of Linked Album Pictures

Since XenForo does not currently sport an albums feature (although I have read it is on the backburner and I know there is a third-party add-on), what happens when importing a vBulletin 3.8.2 forum that has tons of albums with a great many pictures from those albums embedded in posts using BBCode? Does XenForo's importer take the vB album/picture "names" into account or ignore all this data since albums are not supported? Basically what I want to know is will those embedded pictures in the posts show up or not after import since albums are not currently a supported feature?

I'm desperately wanting to make the move over to XenForo from my antique vB but albums are stopping me. I have a small forum but it is populated by picture-happy members.

Thanks for any info on this!


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Post content will be imported as is, including BB Code.

You will however need to create custom BB Code to replicate the functionality, if it isn't the standard IMG tag.
Thanks, Brogan. The post code in all cases is just the standard IMG tag. The post content is not what I'm worried about. But since the images embedded in the posts with the IMG tag are contained in albums (and are renamed by vB with aliases when pictures are uploaded by members) and albums are not yet supported by XenForo, will they still work. In other words, does your vB importer know about albums and how to figure out which picture is referenced by which alias? And which album, etc. For example...

This might be in a post:

But it references an uploaded image that vB's albums feature stashed in /forums/albums/08/8765.picture.

Thanks again!


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Is that URL accessible in a normal browser, without viewing the image in a forum post?

Or to put it another way, can you embed it here for example?
No, and that's my point and the reason for my question/concern about switching. The pictures in albums are parsed, named/aliased, stored, and rendered by vB's albums feature. That was the whole point of the albums. Members could upload pics into albums of their own choosing (My Camping Trip or whatever) and then link to the album or link the pictures in the album directly into posts. It is very easy for them to do.

Since so many threads on my forum sport posts with embedded images from the albums, I wondered if XenForo's vB importer knew about this and would work out the correct path when converting over. From your question, I suspect that answer is going to be 'no' and I'm probably just going to have to wait for a future version of XenForo that supports albums. It is frustrating, though, as XenForo looks fabulous.
I just wanted to add that vB's albums feature provides readymade cut-and-pasteable code for each image in an album (one BBCode and one HTML) but both apparently use the picture.php script to retrieve the picture.




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In that case, unfortunately none of those embedded images will work.

You could always write a custom script to convert the string into a valid URL, which you could then embed in the normal manner.
If I knew code I could. :) Manually figuring out which is which and editing them would be more my speed but that isn't going to happen either as we're talking approximately 8,000 images and counting. Is it safe to assume (or should I say "hope?") that Kier and company will cover this when they add native albums capability to XenForo in the future, since they're presumably the ones who coded that feature for vB?


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I'll leave Mike or Kier to answer that as I can't speak for them with regards to a feature which doesn't yet exist.
Fair enough. I hope I didn't misread it, though, but I swear I did see a post by Kier somewhere on here stating that albums would be forthcoming eventually but that they wanted to "get the forum part working right" first, or something to that effect. Thanks for your help, Brogan.