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In certain areas you see that the XFMG is a seperately developed product because certain UI functionality/elements are not in line with how XF (forum) functions. I assume in due times some things will be (hopefully) made more consistent between those 2 products.

One of them is the lightbox functionality that is used in XF and XFMG. In XF the lightbox provides you with little preview thumbnails of all the images on your post if you 'lightbox' a certain picture. The lightbox in XFMG -apparently- does not. Wouldn't this solve your request if XFMG would use the same lightbox as XF does?


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Yes, but it should also show these "tiny pictures preview" when you hover over a photo here:

Otherwise, a user needs to first click onto the "Lightbox"-button (which is hard to find) in order to see these "tiny pictures preview".
It is more intuitive to see these "tiny pictures preview" immediately when you hover over the image.


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You need to [Like] the first posting... onto the "Lightbox"-button (which is hard to find)....
That is indeed true. The reason why I posted this suggestion:

It is not obvious the 'image-icon' is in fact the lightbox function. Several reasons for this: one being presented in the suggestion I just mentioned above and the other one is this:

I am absolutely sure a large part of my member-base will find these things confusing. In fact, I find it confusing myself (which is always a good indication for me ;)).


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So in other words, thumbnail filmstrip. :)

But it might be tricky implementing that whilst keeping that container neat and responsive.

I would personally prefer to see those thumbnails in the full-size image lightbox, as others have said it would help to keep it more consistent with the other attachment lightboxes.


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It is not obvious the 'image-icon' is in fact the lightbox function. (...) I am absolutely sure a large part of my member-base will find these things confusing.
Thinking about this image-icon which represents (at least one of the different meanings) the lightbox function in the XFMG: why do we even need it? Because we already enter the lightbox mode the moment you click on an image. It works the same in XF (forum): when you click on an image in a forum-posting, you enter the lightbox mode. Without any need to click a separate button first. Maybe it's because of the video's:

There is a difference between the lightbox in XF (forum) and XFMG: it seems that the lightbox in XF does not included posted videos in it (I do not know if this is an ACP setting), whereas the lightbox in XFMG does. (another inconsistency (?> maybe it's a setting) because of the fact that 2 different lightboxes are used in different products)

So, if you only have videos in your album and you want to see them in the lightbox, you need a separate icon. Because clicking on the video, plays the video, instead of opening it in the lightbox (as it works with pictures).
Anyway, the lightbox on videos has the benefit of being able to scroll through all your video's easily, without having the need to click on the <- and -> icons in the menu (next to the lightbox icon), which makes scrolling much more cumbersome, since it's refreshing the 'entire' page everytime you scroll to another video/pic.
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