XF 1.5 Images not loading using Cloudflare

We recently moved our SSL over to cloudflare. After doing so, we starting having image upload issues. What's interesting is that images downloaded from the net work fine; whether we drag or use the upload feature. But if any member tries to drag a personal picture it usually doesn't load at all. And if we try to use the upload feature, we usually get this error:

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 12.13.47 PM.jpg

But what's really odd about this is that just before getting this error so that I could show it to you, I was able to upload 4 personal pictures. So it's a sporadic issue. Our cache is done at cloudflare and no where else. And we have Rocket Loader and Mirage set to off. Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be?


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In that case , I am not sure its a cloudflare issue.

I have it working with no issues ( I guess that doesnt help us much at the minute )

in the admin CP are there any errors flagged ?


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If its in development mode then it wont be CF breaking things. Its acting as a DNS server only.

Purge the cache , and put it into dev mode and see what happens.
I did that after your last message just to double check. The system still gave me an error like the one above. So.... if it's not cloudflare, what could we have possibly set improperly on the site? Our images were working prior to this switch over to the SSL being with cloudflare.
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Does your jpg comply with the maximum size that can be uploaded on your board , or at least less than 100MB as per the free cloudflare criteria ?


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Unfortunately I'm not really sure what the cause would be. If it's sporadic, that would seem to point to some sort of networking issue. Usually these issues tend to be all or nothing or at least cause some errors to be logged to give more details.

I suppose the final test would be to disable JavaScript in your browser as that will use a really basic uploader. This may expose an error that was otherwise hidden. If you're not comfortable doing this, please submit a ticket with an account we can test with and we can try to see if we can reproduce the problem.
@Mike thank you for the suggestion. And we may just have to disable JavaScript to see what is going on. I will let you know what we ultimately find and will submit a ticket if we can't figure this out.