XF 1.5 Image upload error


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Hi, one of my members is reporting this error when trying to upload images to one of my forums, apparently it happens on both mobile and pc. Any idea's on what could be causing this? Thanks.



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Is it a large image?

That would generally indicate the image is bigger than what can be handled by your server. In PHP, the most common setting would be post_max_size (and maybe upload_max_filesize), though it could happen from a web server configuration. These would need to be increased in your PHP config (before XenForo gets involved).


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Ok, my post_max_size is 8MB and upload_max_filesize is 20MB.

I've increased the attachment file size limit from 4mb to 8mb to see if that helps.



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A few of my users on mobile are still experiencing issues uploading files. It's not their phones or connections as they claim they can upload the same pics to facebook without issues, here is one for example, image filesize is 2.09MB and dimensions are 4128 x 2322. My XF attachment options are set to 1024 x 768 and 4MB upload. Could it be the 1024 x 768 setting? I thought that was only to determine the size of the pic in the actual post. Where else can I check to see what may be causing this? Thank You.

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I've been doing some reading and seen mention of this - $config['maxImageResizePixelCount'] - default: 20000000. I do not have that in my config.php file, should it be there?