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Lack of interest Image tagging


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I find the tagging function for images in xF terrible! Unless you can develop a face recognition like face book it would be far more efficient to go for a Instagram approach where user just click the point of the image they want to apply the tag to.

I thin the current tagging function looks great in a tutorial or demonstration, as it looks like there would be some face recognition. But is to cumbersome to use.

Such a simplified tagging method would also work great if there was a larger thumbnail on upload.
It would also work great to implement on a thumbnail view of albums and categories.

I also think it would make sense to put a menu icon for this function where the "set avatar" button is now. and move the "set avatar" to the dropdown menu.
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I was also surprised to see how much effort it takes to tag multiple user.

In order to tag multiple users you need to activate tagging separately for each user.

Once tagging is enabled , it should stay open until the end user is done with tagging.