Tagging users with square brackets


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I believe it's not possible to tag users using square brackets in their names, is this a bug? For reproduction purposes, i've tried creating the user on [test] on this forum but it has not yet been accepted.

Using the [user] bbcode does work, but does not have great UX.

With the Froala editor, escaping the [ with a \ seems to work in the autocomplete but tagging/mentioning does not appear to work, making this subtly different from https://xenforo.com/community/threa...re-the-username-contains-an-character.170626/
The editor in 2.2 doesn't appear to work with the escape trick, so I can't have my [test] user show up in the tagging autocomplete here at all.

Testing with manual BBCode, appears to work: @[test], but does not trigger any notifications for this user so is not functionally equivalent.
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