Fixed  missing square brackets result in antivirus warning


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This happened to one of the threads in my forum. Xenforo 1.0.4. No add on.

The post looks like this


(some thai texts)


On the second line, there's 1 missing square brackets.
On the last line, there's extra [/media ]

All machines at my office has NOD 32 installed, and they all reported some trojan while this page is loading, before it timed out.

Removing the extra [/media ] doesn't do anything.

But adding the missing ], and all the errors go away.


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That is certainly a false positive from the AV software.

Regardless, there's no reason to allow line breaks in media identifiers, so now if it finds one, it will skip the media. The post still wouldn't display correctly obviously, but it shouldn't try to create a meaningless embed.