Won't fix Image Style Properties - SVG

Adam Howard

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As noted, the editor can display SVG photo files (see example)

However style properties settings seem to not properly display this

AdminCP > Appearance > Styles > Default Style > Style Property Groups > Header and Navigation > Header Logo Image Path


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Browsers can display SVG format the Xenforo does not accept that file format as image.
Try to use *.svg as your avatar. It won't accept.

Jake Bunce

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I tested the following:

1) SVG as a background image in style properties. This works.

2) SVG in the Header Logo Image Path property. This works.

3) SVG in an IMG tag in a post. This works.

4) SVG as an avatar. This does not work. It is not recognized as an image.

5) SVG as a post attachment. This works if you allow that extension, but it is not processed as an image (no resizing, thumbnail, or inline display).

So the only issue here is in uploading SVG files as images (avatars and attachments). GD doesn't support the format but ImageMagick does. Should XenForo bother adding it? I say no. Stay with the basic formats that are common to both image libraries. Anyone working with vector graphics knows how to convert to a different format before uploading.

I will leave this open to solicit opinions.

Adam Howard

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Should XenForo bother adding it? I say no.
I'd disagree and would say, yes.

As more and more site are using mobile web devices and retina displays... The need is there. Even more so if you have a community who's topic is around image design and photography.

There are even known sites such as deviantart.com who know the value of social media and look to incorporate forums.


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To do it *right* you almost would need to redesign the avatar and attachment system. For example the system currently creates 3 sizes for each avatar (small, medium and large). With SVG, you may not want to do that.. if the image isn't totally detailed, it can be fairly small in terms of storage size even at the largest size... so if that's the case, you probably wouldn't want to have scaled down versions stored. But if it *is* a huge SVG, you may be better off just converting it to a raster version in a different format (like JPG or PNG) at all sizes. But then you kind of lose the value of SVG (being vector).

While I love the SVG format, I think the complexity involved in making SVG work *right* for avatars and attachments probably isn't worth it, but that's could just be me. Even though I use SVG extensively for site graphics, if such an option were available for avatars, I'd disable it.

Adam Howard

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I would have thought this moved into suggestions area. Is it really a bug?
SVG is a standard CSS3 and HTML5 web image format. Currently XenForo does not comply to that standard.

Yes, I'd call it a bug.... It's like not having jpg or gif files working.


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Won't fix means just that. There's nothing to fix as it's not a bug. However, it MIGHT be seen as a future enhancement down the road.

This isn't a bug.

Ernest L. Defoe

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I'm sorry but who cares about IE?
Well generally no one but there are still people/businesses still running older versions of Windows and they use applications that will only work with IE8 and they have no want or desire to update said product to work with newer browsers. My wife has a job like that and they connect to a state program and the state has no plans to update that program so they are stuck in IE8.


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Well I know, but I really don't care about old IE versions. It is ridiculous not to implement SVG or something else just because an old browser can't handle it.