XF 1.5 Image redirects after Vbulletin 3.8 album import into media


I don't know if this is beyond the brief e of the forum to get some help with this or not, but here goes.

Just done a setup of xf and imported vb 3.8 data into it. Then installed media and imported albums into it. All seems well.

However users have made posts directly referencing images in albums and the urls these posts refer to are using the old forum urls.

Here's a the urls for the old forum image and the new forum image.



Note the missing s from the word forum in the new URL, they're not running in the same folder. www. is also missing.

I understand what an .htaccess file is... but I'm not really not up to working out the code, or the logic behind the changing numbers, or where it should go.

Is there a step by step idiots guide I can follow to help me overcome this? I'm not sure how many images it affects but it tends to be where users have done this they've probably done a few 100 images this way so to manually fix it is a bit of an ache because I have to get them to tell me to find the broken images because at the moment the vb install is still running on the same server albeit closed, so I can still see the images courtesy of being admin.

Thanks in advance.


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If it's just the s and www which are different, you can run a simple query against the database to resolve that.

UPDATE xf_post SET message = REPLACE(message,'current_content','new_content');
So you would replace http://shooting-the-breeze.com/forum/ with http://www.shooting-the-breeze.com/forums/.

If you plan to do that, take a backup first, should you need to revert for any reason.

The http to https and www to non-www isn't the problem, htaccess sorts that, its the picture.php?albumid=341&pictureid=2378 to wood1.1554/full that is.


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The importer doesn't alter post content, so any URLs in posts would always remain as is and would require redirection scripts or queries to change.