XF 2.2 Image proxy results in broken image links, but only for Imgur.


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We're trying to figure out the image proxy. We we've been rate limited somehow on Imgur, but it seems to follow us to different hosts which is weird. We wanted to see if there was anything that could be done in software to help. When we turn on the image proxy, any imgur images end up being broken. We've tried changing VPS instances, even tried other VPS providers. So far, Azure, Linode, and Digital Ocean all result in the same issue: Imgur images simply don't work when proxied, or if any Guzzle request is sent to an imgur domain such as on an addon. But they still work within img tags?

So, options? Can we direct the image proxy to bypass proxying for imgur? Any software options to bypass this? It works when people view the page, just not when the server tries to do anything with the image. Is the only choice to find a new host that doesn't block us?
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