XF 1.5 Broken Image Links

Hi all,

I know this has been covered, but I have not found a solution to my issue specifically. I run the forums in https mode and I have image caching enabled.

Many users have experienced this error when trying to reference an image on a hosted external site, however, while in "edit" mode, the image displays correctly.

The following thread has broken images:

And the embed url tage that results in a broken link is this:
Any help?

Thank you!


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Redirected URLs will not work if you aren't running 1.5.11.

You may also need to refetch the images after upgrading.


XenForo developer
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Not in the UI. You may be able to force a refresh of all failed images using:
UPDATE xf_image_proxy SET fail_count = 1 WHERE fail_count > 1;
That should set all failed images to be retried on their next fetch.