XF 2.2 Image attachments are not properly resized on mobile


When I insert an image into the post editor and resize it, the image is not resized on mobile and displays as it would without resizing.

Here's how it is displayed on desktop:

And on mobile:

I've discovered that when a thread is viewed on mobile, the inline CSS that sets the size of the image is missing. I've tested this on the default style, with all addons and Cloudflare disabled. How can I allow images to be resized on mobile?
Anyone able to help?

I should clarify that in my second example, I expected the image should be occupying the entire width of the page.

I tried digging through the source code to figure out what is removing the inline CSS from images when they are viewed on mobile, but I couldn't find it. Doesn't help that I'm not really a programmer.
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