Fixed New additions are not properly aligned

I'm not sure if this is a "bug", so feel free to move it.

I have a styling issue for the latest addition to the admin area lists. The addition does not align according to the same standard as the default listed items.

See below.


I get this too, since I upgraded to 1.1:


I've tested it with Chrome and Firefox on Linux/Mac/Windows. The weird thing is, I only get this display issue on Linux (running ArchLinux [3.0-ARCH]) - in both Chrome and Firefox...

On some sections, the view is usable (as above) but on the 'Display Node Tree' section, it's a little hard to use. I should probably add that my 'BB Code Media Sites' page looks as in the OP.


Edit: I ran a file health check and it does say everything is fine.


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Ignoring Linux, what's the browser in the first screenshot? Safari?

It's caused by the filter items stuff (note that the right edge of the first row aligns with the left of the filter box). I did workaround it before -- we'll see if I can figure out how to produce it.


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I haven't been able to reproduce it out of the box, but I know what causes it, so I'm now clipping the filter controls to ensure they don't ever spill out of the row at the top.