I'm Back


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Not that me renewing my license deserves a huge parade or even its own thread, I just wanted to say that I am back with great interest in XF. :)

Like many others that I know, I waited on the sidelines to see what would happen with the litigation. There was just no way I could invest any precious time into a product that might get squashed by some lawsuit. I am ecstatic to see that layer of uncertainty has been removed. My clients are already abuzz about how we go about migrating existing sites and internal products to XF.

When looking at the next generation failures of some of the competitors, it was so disheartening, but now the sun is shinning again! :)

Anyway, just wanted to share my enthusiasm!


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When I saw the title of this thread, I thought ragtek has finally come to his senses :D
Anyway, welcome back.


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Just Another Foro Observer.. :rolleyes:
Your name does ring a bell somewhat as I remember I may have used one of your mod on VB years ago that allows me to create custom pages using conditionals.
Maybe I got a wrong guy but welcome back. The more the merrier.


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Why? Because he keep telling people all over the places that he won't come back? Because he developed his own version of xenforo for his clients? Or because he is too proud to come back?

His choice.
"ragtek" won't be back.