XF 1.5 If I delete a user can they join again?


I created another thread about trying to get a url removed from a users recent activity. The url was not in a post but rather entered into the home page of her personal details. I am doing my best to exhaust any options possible.

We were able to remove the url from her personal details page however the url still remains in her recent activity.

We were also able to only allow those who she follows to see her recent activity but we want it completely gone.

If I delete her can she register again as she did before with the same email address, her same user name, and password?

Thank you.

Mr Lucky

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In this case I just ban someone. If you delete the user then that username (and email) becomes available for anyone registering. Passwords can be the same across different accounts anyway, you can't have any control over those.

Although you can add the name to disallowed username text in registration options


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If you delete the account then yes, they will be able to register again with the same details.

The recent activity entry will be removed when the account is deleted.