XF 1.1 ERROR 500 if i delete install folder


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I just had my site give ERROR 500 after installing the new RC of the Donations Manager, it seems he shortly released a fixed version.

I disabled all listeners, uninstalled the addon, enabled listeners, still ERROR 500, so i rebuilt the master data as suggested here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/site-down-nothing-works-all-white.35813/

It worked, but if i delete the INSTALL folder it now gives me ERROR500, works as soon as i put it back. I can live with it, i just delete the index.php in it, but i do not think this is normal, i never kept the install folder before.
The install folder is totally protected. It can only be accessed with your Admin account so it literally is as secure as your Admin CP.

Other software asks you to remove the install folder because usually there isn't any sort of protection or security on it. You could further secure it with a htaccess password file.

It is recommended to keep the folder as it can be useful for repairing some errors. You can obviously do a clean install with it, but additionally you can rebuild the Master data which can repair problems with the Master template and Master language.
I'm used to deleting install/ folder lol. I haven't done it with my XF install though, even though I thought about it. I'm just a person that likes to keep my root folder free from un-needed stuff. If something doesn't need to be there, then I'd rather delete it. Less weight on server /disk space lol. But like Chris said above there, sometimes you might really need it to be there, and can or could just password protect it. Speaking of password protecting directories, I used to do that with my vBulletin directories... includes/, attachments/, install/, admincp/, and etc etc. What all directories are allowed to be password protected in XF without running into issues? I'd like to password protect the ACP and maybe other directories to really secure the site.
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