XF 1.2 IE problems


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All of my IE members told me they must use Chrome or FF in order to post anything on the site. I tried myself on IE 11 and I got the same result. The quick reply box at the bottom of the thread is not clickable and even if I go advanced, I get the same problem. Also, the icons don't display either.

I'm not sure what to do.

ps. I know IE is a crappy browser and I could care less of it, but I can't ignore my users's choice :)


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You haven't given a URL, but you'd need to do the standard checks:
  1. Ensure you're running the latest version if you aren't already (versions pre-dating IE11's release can have issues with it)
  2. Attempt to confirm the issue on an unmodified style
  3. Disable all add-ons to see if the issue continues
It almost certainly has to be one of those as other people aren't having the issue.


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thanks for answering Mike...I'm almost sure it's a theme issue since I knew for sure you guys wouldn't let this unfixed (if it was a bug). I know I'm asking for a needle in the haystack, but besides the checks you mentioned above, let's say it's the theme, is there something I should check (IE only things in the header, things like that?). I will compare it with the default style anyway, just want to make sure.


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It's difficult to give a simple answer; it depends entirely on the customisations you have made, both to the style and with add-ons.

You can create a new default style and if it works then you know it's not an add-on.

Then it's just a case of going through all your style customised components one by one.