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Icewind Clone Notice [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Add-on Releases' started by Lawrence, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Lawrence submitted a new resource:

    Icewind Clone Notice - Gives admins the option to clone (copy) a notice

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. sbj

    sbj Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to tell you that this is a life saver. I have to duplicate so many notices and this comes very handy. Thank you.
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  3. Sunka

    Sunka Well-Known Member

    @Lawrence is addon working OK on last XenForo version? (y)
  4. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    With the exception of the staff add-on, clone usergroups and clone forums, I do not have any other add-ons installed at the moment. I'll install this one and the other one you inquired about to test them to be sure. As far as I know, their should not be an issue, but I'll test them to find out, :)
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  5. Sunka

    Sunka Well-Known Member

    Thanks @Lawrence
    P.S. I think you quote wrong post :)
  6. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.

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