I wanna convert my vb4 to XenForo?


I wanna convert my vb4 to XenForo .. I searched a lot but most of the guides and plugins that I found are marked as archived
would you please give me the most stable vb4 importer ?
thank you
I use that script but i have problem for bring avatars & attach files!
maybe some help
Use Paul M's vB4 importer. It worked for me. :)
There's no reason why the original won't work and there's every possibility that you'll experience the same issue with any importer.

Usually the issue with avatars and attached files is down to specifying the incorrect directory location.

The best thing to do is to post in the thread where you downloaded the installer. Jake Bunce or someone else will happily advise you - also please be sure to post error messages. "i have problem" is not enough information to go on :)
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