I moved the copyright text, is that OK?


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I've re-done the footer on my site and the copyright text simply didn't fit in where it was, so I moved it. I've retained the exact text and linkback but moved to a new div - is that OK? The link to my forum is in the signature.
So far as I understand it, the key is to keep it present somewhere, unless you pay a separate fee to remove it. But I find little or no value in removing copyrights for forum software and such. How many people actually look at such things and give value to those notices?
That's a sexy theme dog.

Thanks, I've been working on themes to sell which I will soon, that current theme is based on Infinite but then I changed pretty much everything. Hoping to have the first XF theme ready in few weeks or so.
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The main page is way slow and it's probably due to the Google+/twitter/facebook buttons on each 'post'.
The /forum/ loaded faster but still slow.

Nice look though.
/me also admiring the design

but bottom right corner has a muddle see scr (enlarged for clarity)
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Thanks, fixed.

nice theme, but bit slow.

Slow? Hmm it shouldn't be, it does host 100's of GB of Firmware so I do know that it you have a lot of people downloading at the same time that tends to clog up the 1Gbps line it's on but I will look into that. Would you mind telling me your location?
All copies of the Software must contain the same proprietary notices that appear on and in the Software, including all copyright notices embedded in the Software, which must remain unaltered from the original and visible at all times, unless by specific prior arrangement with XenForo Limited.

You can style it and move it elsewhere in the footer, but other than that it must remain as is.
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