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I just finished purchasing the infrastructure for my new forum.

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by RichardGaspa, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. RichardGaspa

    RichardGaspa Active Member

    I just finished purchasing the infrastructure for my new forum. It took a while, but I think I selected the cream of the crop when it comes to the foundation of the site.

    For my hosting Provider, I selected Mike Edge out of Kansan City. I read many great reviews from his current customers here in the message boards and from what I was told his customer service was second to none.

    The forum software I choose was xenForo. I selected xenForo for a number of reasons. The cost of the software played a big part in my selection along with the features offered in the software. I loved the feel and look of xenForo when giving the demo a spin around the block. The active xenForo community was another major part in my selection. The xenForo community made me welcome and answered all my questions in terms that I could understand even though they were basic, boring and most likely asked a hundred times already.

    For the meat and potato's of my site I decided to go with Brogan's Featured Threads and Widget Framework after it was recommended by my new hosting provider ( Mike Edge mike@kansascityhost.net) Never using xenForo prior to this, I am relying on my hosting provider for his recommendation. After checking out Mr. Brogan's profile page and reading a good number of his post, I am convinced his add-on will work exactly as it suppose too. (if not, I know how to find him:), I have been noticing the xenForo community forum is his second home and online all the time. :)

    For the frosting on the cake, I decided to purchase Graphite 1.0.3. I spent about three hours playing around with the color demos switching from demo to demo before making my final selection. I love that the style supports high-definition displays and fully responsive. I also like that I can use an HD logo and has HD counterparts. The Sticky navigation will work well on my new site. I like how I can set the Navigation tabs, so they will stay on top of screen as the user scrolls down. I am looking forward to using the customizable content wrapper. You can set fixed width and/or wrap content into an additional container. I will be able to choose the parts of a page that I want to include in that container. I love the feature Glyphs (Font Awesome or Glyph Icons Pro) to navigation tabs. This feature should work well. The Compact threads' option to display sticky threads is another feature I am looking forward to using. There are many more features in Graphite 1.0.3 that I am looking forward to using.

    Mike Edge is installing the foundation of my new site at this time I am looking forward to receiving the email from him soon with the keys to my tiny part on the Internet. After taking a little time to move in and make my new home comfortable for future guest, I hope to welcome you all to the open house of Veterans Briefing.
  2. LPH

    LPH Well-Known Member

    Best of luck on your new adventure. You'll love XenForo.
  3. RichardGaspa

    RichardGaspa Active Member

    I just spent a little time on your site looking around. I like it... I found it very laid back and relaxing to browse around. Interesting content on your site. I found a posting on XenWord to be of interest. Is is an add-on for XebForo in order to bring the posting on Wordpress over to XenForo? Interesting if it is and I would like to learn more.
  4. LPH

    LPH Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the compliment. Many people in this community helped me build the site over the years by converting forums from vB, optimized the server, fixed the XF style, and more. You'll find this community is one of the best ones around.

    See my signature for information on the bridge or check out the information in the resource area here.. :)
  5. xIsabel38

    xIsabel38 Well-Known Member

    @Brogan's Featured Threads is a very powerful add-on. I have 2 licenses of it myself (though only one active at this time) and I never regretted it. It works out of the box as described and is easily one of the best add-ons you can get for your forum.

    @xfrocks' Widget Framework is another 5 star piece. It's been around for as long as I can remember and is just as useful today as it was years ago. Both of these add-ons will serve you well for any forum you make and were great recommendations by Mike Edge. Welcome to XenForo!
  6. keith.arvixe

    keith.arvixe Active Member

    It's always nice to start out somewhere I remember the very first forum I made in 2003. Using IF forum software. Oh boy it's so amazing and a great feeling when you get your first member. Also thank you for doing something awesome for us Veterans it's always appreciated :)

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