I have some questions Before I buy

prince 95

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i will buy xenforo very soon
but i have some questions ...
1:who the Programmers
2:Is the program safe for use?
3:Is the program stable
4:Is there an official Arabic support?
I translated most of the texts by
Google Translate


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I answer your questions not because I am an employee of XF but I am a satisfied customer. I have known Xenforo since it began, and I have used four other forum softwares to compare.
I am not paid or rewarded by any referral service for my advice to you.

The programmer are chiefly Kier and Mike - you can find them as members on here.
They were the leading programmers for VBulletin and under their care VB was top of the market. New management started in 2009.
Kier and Mike then decided that the new management was not allowing them to do the software to high quality levels for example because of rushing the work. (This is all public knowledge, not my opinion.)
They therefore left VBulletin, waited a year until they were free of their VB contract, then started Xenforo.
They are therefore highly experienced experts at the top of the programming world.

I watch this forum here very carefully partly to help my own forum but partly because the community here interests me as an unusually good supportive one.
Since the first days of XF I have seen very few problems happening around the safety of the software. The occasional member who does post a message about any problem gets very fast help. Help takes an hour or two to arrive.

It is extremely stable. Some forums carry thousands of users and millions of messages!
It is also very "light." It does not put a heavy load on the server which hosts it.

There is an Arabic translation addon which will translate most of the language for use of the board.
Language additions are not normally part of the core software because there are so many. Language packs are made by other admins who use the software who need this language for their own forum.

The XF software is excellent compared to others I have used.
The admin section is easy to find things, easy to change them.
You can alter colours very easily to fit your site. There are also themes.
There is a good collection of addons to extend what the core software does. XF encourages extra development. The code is written to actually help coders add to it. Plus addons are collected right here, easy to find. Coders and the chief developers have a good area of discussion to work together.
Again support for you as a forum admin is amazingly fast and excellent.
Most admins report that their members become a lot more active when the site changes to XF.

Of course there are more things I want. When a product is good it makes you greedy! so you want perfection. There are a few small minor things I would like to see included in the main software.