Lack of interest Human Spam Prevention


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Since human spammers are likely to become more common (more people have internet access), here are a few features I think could help alleviate the problem.

1. Use registered users to moderate posts:
When x number of reported posts come from any thing a new member y days old posts, all posts by that member no longer show and the user is banned from future posting and everything goes into moderation.

2. Crosspost prevention (may not be effective if known):
If a user crossposts, only the first post will remain.
-> This will prevent a spammer from posting the same thing all over the forum since every thread must be unique from a single user. Not only will this help stop spammers, it will stop users from posting the same thing in different forums.

3. Disallow linking for new users:
-Prevent links from becoming clickable
-Prevent photo/video URLs from displaying an image/video
-> These will show later on

These features should be added along with other features suggested by others.