Where can I buy an add-on with these specific link spam prevention features



I'm making plans to get the Xenforo software but would like to know if there's any place to get or buy an add-on with the exact features of this one that's made for SMF forums?
Yes, I've seen several of them but would like to know if I can get one that works exactly like the one I've pointed out. With the exact features and functionality. To wit, set link nonactive, nofollow, and can't post based on post counts and a simple admin option.
Couldn't you use User Groups for both [nofollow] and to block users from posting links? So let's say you wish for users to need at least 5 posts before posting links you can make Usergroup A and deny them permission to posting links. Then set a promotion where the user gets moved to Usergroup B whom is allowed to post links, but they're marked as no-follow. so that once the user gets to 5 posts they're able to post links. Then lets pretend you want them to have at least 20 posts to have their links marked as follow. Just make a third Usergroup that's marked "Bypass No-Follow" to yes, which will mark their posts as follow. Setup a promotion and you're off and running.
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