XF 1.5 How to post a live website?

T Money

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Instead of copying and pasting an jpg/png image, is there a way to create a post (within a thread) of a live website exactly identical (with live, functional buttons where when clicked will open a separate browser)?

Jake Bunce

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Yes and no.

XenForo's BB codes allow for recreating functionality like inline images and hyperlinks. Hyperlinks to external pages always open in a new window. But in general you cannot recreate web layout (styling and positioning) using BB code. Using XenForo's WYSIWYG editor you can copy from a web page and paste directly into a post. The editor will automatically convert what it can (mainly images, hyperlinks, and text styling).

T Money

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Thanks Jake,
So BB code and hyperlink can be ruled out, since it does not show any images/content of the website. I'm not familiar with WYSIWYG, how do I use this?


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WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get:
It's XF's text editor.. (Redactor)

I believe you might be talking about a wrapper? If so I believe you can use a page to accomplish this inside an I frame? Not sure about inside a post..