XF 1.5 How to post a live website?

T Money

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Instead of copying and pasting an jpg/png image, is there a way to create a post (within a thread) of a live website exactly identical (with live, functional buttons where when clicked will open a separate browser)?
Yes and no.

XenForo's BB codes allow for recreating functionality like inline images and hyperlinks. Hyperlinks to external pages always open in a new window. But in general you cannot recreate web layout (styling and positioning) using BB code. Using XenForo's WYSIWYG editor you can copy from a web page and paste directly into a post. The editor will automatically convert what it can (mainly images, hyperlinks, and text styling).
Thanks Jake,
So BB code and hyperlink can be ruled out, since it does not show any images/content of the website. I'm not familiar with WYSIWYG, how do I use this?
WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get:
It's XF's text editor.. (Redactor)

I believe you might be talking about a wrapper? If so I believe you can use a page to accomplish this inside an I frame? Not sure about inside a post..
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