How to manually disable lightbox


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I am aware that there is no option to disable lightbox. So how would i manually do it?

I was able to remove the lightbox button. It deleted some code in:

xengallery_media_view_toolbar template


Now the only problem is lightbox still works when you click on the Media Image(the main Image that was uploaded)

Which template do i find this in? I tried looking for it but no success. It's probably just a url to lightbox,



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I have gotten a little bit further. I went into the template:


and removed

<xen:include template="xengallery_media_lightbox" />

But now the only problem is that when i hover over the media image. The mouse cursor turns into a hand. Which usually means that we are able to click on it.

But when i click on it nothing happens. Which is good because that means lightbox isnt working anymore.

But i would prefer that the cursor stays a cursor and doesnt turn into a hand.