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I'm struggling withe User Upgrades. I found a post where another admin was having problems too and a reply that said::

Best thing to do:

  • Manually upgrade a new/test user (this should promote them to that user group)
  • Downgrade the user from within the admin control panel (this should demote them from that user group)
If that works, then the likelihood is that this user wasn't eligible to be demoted for some (hopefully logical) reason.

If it doesn't work in that limited test I suggest above then there's likely something more significant at play.

I tried by adding the secondary group (of a user upgrade level) to a test user but he doesn't show up as an Active or InActive account in User>User Upgrades

So, How do I Manually upgrade a user?
don't see "List User Upgrades, nor Controls, nor Manually Upgrade User

I see Users -> User upgrades (not List User Upgrades)


Not sure where the Manually Upgrade User link is, or the List User Upgrades When I click User upgrades, I get this:


(btw: if I click "Downgrade", nothing seems to happen. They still have the level sitting in their secondary group.
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I found the "Manually Upgrade User".

Admincp, then Users->User Upgrades, then click the Actions link on the level that you want to manually upgrade to.

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