XF 1.4 How to make the search facility works for Thai

When I search in Thai it return "not found". Is there anyway to config it to work?

I found some information about fulltext search, but, honestly speaking, I don't completely understand all that information and it seems that it have to do something with the mysql.ini and re compile, etc. I'm using a share web hosting, so, this is impossible anyway.



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If you're using full text search, there's unlikely to be much you can do without making core code changes. With Enhanced Search you may have a few more options, but you would need to make structure changes to your index that require technical knowledge and would be beyond our scope for support.

The issue relates to how words are "tokenized". This is traditionally done on spaces, which does not work for languages such as Thai and Chinese.
Thanks for reply. In case of using Enhanced Search, what kind of "structure changes" you're talking about exactly. Is it something I can do through phpMyAdmin? If yes, you can just give me the instructions, modifying fields, adding table, etc, I can do these tasks. But for anything that need server admin access, that would be impossible for me.

Another concern is how about the size of the database?


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The Enhanced Search add-on doesn't use the MySQL database.
The search index data is stored elsewhere on the server.
So, can you please give me some idea what kind of further modification I have to do after install the Enhanced Search to make it works with Thai language.

Alternatively, I'm looking at replacing the forum search box with google custom search, but I'm not sure if google will index the my whole site. Not sure if you or anyone could give suggestion on this.
Thank you very much for the resource links. I just have a chance to checked it today and got some idea about what need to be done, but still not sure if I'd be able to do that myself, I may need to hire someone to do that. The article mentioned about Apache Lucene, is your Enhance Search based on that system?