XF 1.2 How to make the Search box bigger in default style


I am a non-programmer, appreciate any kind soul to help me out.

I wish to make the search box bigger so that my users can easily help themselves to locate stuff within the forum. Besides the size of the box, I also need to make the word and magnifying glass icon bigger as well.

Thanks in advance.


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Which search box where?

If you mean quick search, you can use the the #QuickSearch in EXTRA.css to style it.

#QuickSearchPlaceholder is the class for the placeholder "Search" text.

The magnifying glass icon is built in browser functionality.
Sorry I didn't specify, I was referring to the search box on the top right, the one under user name/inbox/alert menu items on the top right.

I appreciate the help but sorry I am a dummy at css so I am completely lost at what you have advised : "#QuickSearchPlaceholder is the class for the placeholder "Search" text."