XF 1.5 How to Import Only Users to a Brand New Forum


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I just installed XenForo on my site and I'd like to import current clients from another product to this forum.

I've searched here in the forums on how to do it, but the only thing I've found is an unmaintained plugin which seems to not work with 1.5.

So... is there an easy way to do it?

I have a .csv file with columns with emails, names and whatnot. I can manipulate the data freely. Just got to know how or what to use to import.

If I missed the topic where this is answered, please point me to it.

Or, if no easy solution is available, if some Dev wants to do it we can talk about it.

If you only have the data in a .csv file, you will need a custom script/add-on to import them.

Otherwise, if it isn't a large quantity, you could create the accounts manually in the ACP.
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