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XF 1.4 How to enable Xenforo Backend Cache as Zend Opcache


Active member
I'm using Zend Opcache as php caching on my server side and i think Zend Opcache may use for variable caching too.

So what should be right config parameter in config.php for Xend Opcache ?

$config['cache']['backend'] => '?'

I know that we write $config['cache']['backend'] => 'xcache' while using the xcache as variable caching.

Or should i install memcache, xcache or apc for backend caching ? Thanks


Active member
Thank you for reply.

So whats your advice for variable caching ? We are a big board and have about ~7million posts and ~2.5million members. I was using xcache for a long time but i want to hear some advices about that if i m wrong.