Zend Opcache causes "unexpected database error"


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I just had to move my forum from a Linux- to a Windows server and it runs fine on PHP 7.0.12 BUT only if i disable zend cache in the config.php which is very strange to me as on Windows with PHP7 opcache is included and automatically set to "on". Well it runs fine without...it even seems that XF is a bit faster on Windows server as the pics and longer threads are loading faster....on a smaller server with just 32GB instead of 128GB RAM on the big Linux server. PHP7 settings are quite the same opcache is running and i have no idea what's wrong. Of course i would like to speed it up as much i can...so does anyone know what's the specific problem with XF and opcache on Windows ?

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Most website owners tend to exaggerate when it comes to speed things up (as you stating).
Most of the time, achieving the best performance can only be associated with a finite period of time.
In order to preserve that performance you must take into account:
1. compromise (you can't have all)
2. scaling (a website optimised for best performance with 100 users simultaneously connected might not behave in the same manner with 500 or 1k users simultaneously connected).

What should come as a top concern is the robustness.

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