How to duplicate a live site to use as a test site

Can you install fresh XF files on localhost, but give it your live database? I know there'd be missing graphics and such. But should XF be able to somewhat load a working instance if you do that?

I've followed everything in this topic to test an update on a test subdomain before upgrading my real site (new folder subdomain, new database, new database user) change basic options in my new test site but i still have my basic options changed as same in my production website. How is it possible ?

And when i've finished the successfully the upgrade in my test site in the subdomain and when i go back to my production site that i really didn't touch during all the process i have a message that says "This site is under maintenance please come back later" and obviously the name of the site has changed.

How can the upgrade on my test site can change the options as same in my production site ?
Is it linked with something in the config.php file ?

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