How to create a blank style

How to create a blank style (guide)

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Blank style (no header, footer, no nothing) - Totally blank style for you to add your own html

Why? you may ask.

Well perhaps within your forum installation you want a totally blank page. Could be a home page with your own header. Could just be a random page with some widgets rendered.

When creating the page node you want to display with nothing but your own html or widgets just choose the style for that page.

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Sorry teaching html is beyond the scope of this resource. See...

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NB: when upgrading xenForo you will most likely be nagged to to merge outdated templates for this style. The easiest and quickest thing may be to just copy and paste the above page_container template again.
Why? Is there something wrong with the merge feature?
Why? Is there something wrong with the merge feature?
Nothing wrong, it's just that in my experience with styles so radically altered from default it may not merge automatically and can involve some user decisions to merge using parent or custom. As the tutorial is aimed at beginners (more experienced users wouldn't need the tutorial) they may be confused by what to do.

I've edited to make it clearer what I mean.

Maybe I should just remove that bit and wait for someone to ask.
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