How to create a similar content widget with XFES


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This is partly related to this suggestion so I'm posting this here.

I think the idea of the original suggestion in itself is good, but from a developer's perspective it is not trivial to "just throw together" something that can handle "anything linking to anything" as there are usually many moving parts that would need to be considered and even planning it would be a PITA..

I had a peek at the XFES sources, and from the looks of it, it shouldn't be too hard for an addon developer to extend some parts of XFES and create their owns widgets that can find similar threads (or other content types) related to their own content, as long as there exist "Searcher"-classes for the respective entities.

I'm a firm believer in the KISS principle and I also know it is much easier to get a developer to create some feature if it is "small, simple & clear to the point". And with that in mind, it would be better if the addon developers added these types of widgets/features into their own addons (which would be a smaller task) rather than relying on the XF devs to solve the problem (which would be 10x larger to solve since it has to "support the whole world of things")..

XFES is very powerful, and the way it seems to be built it looks to be quite extendable as well 👍

The problem I see with it currently, is that it might not be easy/clear how to extend things if you want to make your own addon and entities compatible with XFES to create a widget like this.

So therefore I'm asking the XF Developers: Could you guys throw together some guide/tutorial on how XFES can be utilized if an addon developer wants to create their own "similar X widget" to find related content as part of their own addons.
Tagging @Kier as he's usually the one throwing together nice guides, but also @Mike and @Brogan :)



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@Chris D @Jeremy P Could you guys let me know if I'm onto something with my above post, and if it would be possible to get some basic guide/tutorial written up so that other external addons could provide their own "Similar threads widgets" that utilize the power of XFES? :)