How to clear Xenforo iPad Photo cache?


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Xenforo seems to be caching the photos from the iPad. I created a thread and uploaded pix from the iPad. I noticed the pix had large white borders, went into Photos on iPad and cropped them, saved them but XenForo still sees the old pix.

I went in and deleted the pix from Photo but Xenforo still sees the deleted pix and can uploaded them.

I did a shutdown on the iPad and Xenforo still sees and can upload the deleted pix. It does not see the new edited pix at all. It sees the old pix and can upload them.

I've cleared the pix from the iPad/Photo. How do I delete them from XenForo?


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If you uploaded them to XenForo you would have to remove the attachment. As for the software seeing removed photos, that's something XenForo can't fix, that is a device / software issue.


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Found the answer, for those using an iPad as your road laptop. If you hold down you finger on a pic on a website, it asks if you want to save the image. The images go to Photos on your iPad or iPhone. For some reason mine was saving some in "Photo Stream" and others in "Photos". Being able to save photos, edit them (crop out white space in this case) and repost them on the forum is key to sports and outdoors oriented forum. Xenforo does a nice job of it with the "Upload Files" and how it handles pix with the "Lightbox viewer" for users and posting as full size on thumbnails.

I looked like Xenforo was caching the pix because the iPad, for some reason, changed where it was saving the photos. It looks like it might save the edited files to a different spot than the originals.

Anyway not a XenForo issue.