How fast are these sites?


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from a vsp hosted on about 80ms... = 100ms =15ms
to my testsite = 21ms

from a root-server located in germany about 150ms = 120ms =29ms
to my testsite = 5,5ms


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Radon Systems seems average for my browsing experience. Taking ~4 seconds to load everything.
Hostcule seems a little slower than Radon.


Formerly CyclingTribe - Fast, but then it's just a basic content site, right? (Incidentally, in IE8 the link text goes massive and bold after being clicked on) - Slower than the one above, but reasonably what I'd expect for a vB4 site (I've not seen very many lightning-fast vB4 sites). - Can't test the IPB3 site as it requires you to login to be able to do anything. Enable Guest and I'll have another look for you. ( uses IPB3 and after spending lots of time optimising the server, I think it's one of the fasted IPB3 site on the go (considering the 1.5mill posts) Give it a whizz if you need a comparison).

Shaun :D


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Thanks everyone.

Just made a few optimisations.

YSlow: grade B (89%)
Page Speed: grade A (95%)

I'm glad to see the sites load fast enough.


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Just an update, things should be slightly faster. I did a few bits of optimisations, mostly on images and such. I also followed a few bits of advice from YSlow and Page Speed. These are their results below. The next step for me is to move the static stuff onto a CDN.