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How fast are these sites?


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from a vsp hosted on linode.com about 80ms...
xenforo.com = 100ms
google.com =15ms
to my testsite = 21ms

from a root-server located in germany about 150ms
xenforo.com = 120ms
google.com =29ms
to my testsite = 5,5ms


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Radon Systems seems average for my browsing experience. Taking ~4 seconds to load everything.
Hostcule seems a little slower than Radon.


Formerly CyclingTribe
http://www.radonsystems.net - Fast, but then it's just a basic content site, right? (Incidentally, in IE8 the link text goes massive and bold after being clicked on)

http://www.hostcule.com - Slower than the one above, but reasonably what I'd expect for a vB4 site (I've not seen very many lightning-fast vB4 sites).

http://intranet.radonsystems.net - Can't test the IPB3 site as it requires you to login to be able to do anything. Enable Guest and I'll have another look for you. (www.cyclechat.net uses IPB3 and after spending lots of time optimising the server, I think it's one of the fasted IPB3 site on the go (considering the 1.5mill posts) Give it a whizz if you need a comparison).

Shaun :D


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Thanks everyone.

Just made a few optimisations.

YSlow: grade B (89%)
Page Speed: grade A (95%)

I'm glad to see the sites load fast enough.


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Just an update, things should be slightly faster. I did a few bits of optimisations, mostly on images and such. I also followed a few bits of advice from YSlow and Page Speed. These are their results below. The next step for me is to move the static stuff onto a CDN.